Tropico Value Fund

Disciplined long-term oriented value investing, concentrated portfolio, colaborative activism. The Fund is designed primarily to seek significant capital appreciation by investing in equities listed on the BOVESPA, Brazil’s main stock exchange. The Fund is designed for investors who do not require immediate liquidity and are willing to assume risks involved with investment in equities with relatively low liquidity and are willing to accept the risks involved with investing in Latin America.

Tropico Value Latam

Launched in December 2010 and based in Bermuda, the fund aims to buy relevant shareholdings in companies that operate in Latin America, principally in those listed in the stock markets in Chile, Peru and Colombia. It is run according to the same long-term investment philosophy, with a focus on value, as our Brazilian funds. We believe that there are enormous long-term opportunities that can be exploited in these countries, not only because of their characteristics but also because of the current economic and political realities. In addition, with the accumulated knowledge that we have acquired through our work with Brazilian companies in recent years, we believe that there are important synergies that can be developed in terms of business models and approaches to the growth environment for companies in these countries.