The Company

Founded in 2002, Orbe Investimentos was born with the goal of being an asset manager focused on long-term investments, following the philosophy of value investing. The vision of the partners was always to manage their own resources and customers with complete exemption, full alignment of interest and without allowing short-term movements of markets impacted the long-term vision. In 2010, after 8 years of operations and one of the strongest teams in the market, the company decides to apply their experience in other Latin American countries. Orbe Value Latam Fund is born to invest in Peru, Chile and Colombia. In 2014, the incursion in Latin American stock markets is shown right and with a promising future. Orbe Investimentos then fetches an even greater alignment in the region and became TRÓPICO Latin America Investments.

The same partners. The same pragmatism. Even the same address. But now by the name TRÓPICO LATIN AMERICA INVESTMENTS.


To invest our own capital and that of third parties with a high level of margin os safety, in line with our philosophy and in accordance with the investment period, in a way that will provide high composite long-term returns. We act as partners of the firms that operate in Latin America.


We believe that the market is inefficient and that Value Investing is therefore the best investment alternative given an environment that is constantly replete with distortions between price and real value.

We also believe that disciplined analysis procedures generate value for our investments. Acquisitions of company shares protect our capital in the long-term and, when the shares are purchased at the right prices, can provide enormous profitability. We believe in meritocracy and assume a posture of ownership in all of the companies in which we are shareholders.

What do we provide our clients?

The ability to invest money without restriction, in accordance with long-term interests and risk.